Just nothing but a 100% positive experience all 4 times going there. Repairs are done correctly, friendly personnel, trustworthy, not much wait time.

How many places will accept that you put a check for the repairs in the night slot and leave your keys locked in your car under the mat so you can pick it up after hours? This they did the first time I was in there. They didn't know me at all. Thought I was back in the fifties!
Posted By: amdgbvmh on my3cents.com
Location: Cincinnati

Excellent in every respect!
They are excellent with their repair! Extremely nice! Attentive! Organized (They can tell you the entire history of repair to your car). I have no doubt that I can trust them.
Posted By: nek nanrum Cbyp.com

I've been going to Mt. Healthy Auto Repair since I moved to the area in 1997. The service is superb - very dependable, high quality and thorough. I've always felt that my best interest came first in considering repair options. I'm sure that Jack and Chuck saved me money over the years.
Posted By:  Fishman Cbyp.com
I started using Jack and Chucks shop back in about 1985'ish when I was just a young driver (17?) with a pc of junk car that always needed something.  I think I may be their longest tenured customer???
I started going to MTH Auto Repair asking them how to do this or that to my car and they always were more then willing to tell me how to fix the car on my own.  They even from time to time lent me a tool to fix my car.  In those early days they always went out of their way to get me in asap if I had a issue that needed fixing to be able to drive the car I had at the time.  When ever I took my cars to them they always told me what had to be fixed then and now or what will need a looking at down the road.  They looked at preventative things like fluid levels and other types of things long before any shops now do these days.  They allowed me in the shop to see what was going on, see the work in action.  I have always found all the guys working there to be very friendly and willing to stop and talk to you about your cars repair.
About 11 years after I started using them I moved to Nashville.  Talk about let down in finding a shop like them.  I never did.  So when I had repairs that could wait I would plan ahead with them for open time for when I came into town to get my car in and back on the road quickly.
Today some 25 years after I started using them I still find them to be the best shop around.  The times have changed and the tool lending days are gone and maybe coming in the shop does not happen as much due to silly insurance rules but they are still at the core that small shop with just 2 or 3 bays like back in the beginning years doing good honest work at a good fair price, never steering you in the wrong direction to do things that don't need to be done!!

Tim Lutterbie
(513) 522-9555
Mt. Healthy Auto Repair
For over twenty years, we have trusted our family automobiles (as many as four at a time) to the wonderful team at Mt. Healthy Auto Repair.  We first met Jack and Chuck at a time when the dealership where I had purchased my car said I needed a repair that would cost at least $750.00.  It seemed quite high given the car was relatively new but something not under warranty.  Based on a recommendation from a colleague, I took my car to Mt. Healthy Auto Repair for a second opinion.  I left with my car repaired and a bill paid in the amount of $50.00. We have been with them ever since. We have found them to be honest, hard-working, and extremely skilled.  Our daughter who lives on the other side of the county still brings her vehicles to Mt. Healthy.  At some point we hope to downsize and may move from our College Hill neighborhood. No matter where we find ourselves, our cars will continue to be maintained by Chuck, Jack, and their team!
     Chuck & Missy Darling

While I suppose it's ideal not to see your automobile repairman often, it's also nice to have a friendly, reliable face who knows you.  My family has been taking various vehicles here for decades and receiving them in better shape than we left them.  They've checked out potential purchases (none of which have been lemons).  They've even given friendly discounts (or at least it seemed less than I thought it should have been).

It's not easy to find a courteous, consistent, and skilled auto repair shop, and that explains why mt healthy auto continually has a full lot.  But if you become a regular, they'll find a way to work you in.
Posted By: Christoffer M.
Cincinnati, OH
Modern Technology / Old Fashion Service
We have had our cars serviced for over 15 years at Mt. Healthy Auto Repair because of the honest, reliable, and professional service. 

We have never been surprised by a bill and are always given the necessary information to decide whether or not we should proceed with a repair.  I always recommend Chuck, Jack and their team to my friends and family who are looking for automotive service.

We would not take our cars anywhere else for service

Craig & Mary Walker