What is an OEM computer reflash?

Your car's computer software needs upgrades just s your PC or Mac software needs regular upgrades.

What can a reflash do?  Auto Reprogramming can sometimes fix transmission problems, improve gas mileage, etc.  Reflashing can also be used for:

Theft Deterrent Relearns
Service Engine Soon
False Trouble Codes
and Similar Issues.

Even the newest cars can usually benefit from a computer reflash.

Auto manufacturers are coming out with automobile updates every day.  There may be a reprogram available for your vehicle.


OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer.
reflash: term used in industry for "flashing" in new information upgrades ro the computer.

reprogram: same as "Reflash".

computer module: An actual controller for a given part of the vehicle (example: PCM).

calibration id:  process of checking with the car's manufacturer to determine  the latest upgrades on your individual vehicle.  Upgrades are determined not only by make, but also by VIN #.